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Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about myself, and my business CrapNappers. I'm the proud owner of two dogs, Dumpster and Log. Who are both the inspiration and mascots for CrapNappers. Every dog I've ever had, have all taken a small and unique part of my heart with them. As a result of their unconditional love I have begrudgingly cleaned thousands of pounds of dog waste.

Pet owners all share a common thread. Our pets encourage us to devote hours that we don't have to their care. I strive to take the headache out of pet ownership. Our easy to understand pricing, and convenient weekend dog poop removal make the unwanted necessities of dog ownership a thing of the past. The CrapNappers staff encourage you to enjoy your time with their pet and let us take care of the crap. 

At CrapNappers, the integrity of the family home and dog are our top priority. If the job is not done right, we'll come and fix it. We aim to provide a friendly face, a clean rake, and a hearty head-pat to every client we serve.




It's hot outside. Very Hot. Your dog, as fluffy, as lovable, and as devoted to you as it is. Poops a lot. A LOT. Picking it all up is a pain, not fun at all. That's where we come in. CrapNappers is founded on a simple premise: Love your pet, and let us deal with the crap.

CrapNappers specializes in Dog Waste Removal. In other words we pick up dog poop.

We can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or one time dog poop removal.

Does your bundle of fur need a walk? Well look no further. We can go fast, slow, really fast, and medium fast. We even specialize in "However fast the dog feels like walking".

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Servicing Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert