CrapNappers: A shitty story.

CrapNappers LLC specializes in dog poop removal for the East Valley. My name is Nolan Craft in 2016 I founded CrapNappers to eliminate a common problem with pet ownership, the poop.

I’ve lived with dogs my entire life, and now have two named Dumpster and Log. After moving to Arizona from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I realized that in the desert dog poop becomes noticeable much faster than I was used to. I began cleaning out my back yard twice a week to make sure the lawn was a safe place for me and my dogs. I’m not going to lie here, this isn’t when I found some hidden talent for cleaning poop. This was where I realized that some dog owners would really benefit from a professional pooper scooper.

We’re a small business, so you know the person who’s cleaning your yard. You’ll also be able to speak with me directly if something is out of the ordinary or below your standards. If you’re tired of dealing with dog poop, give us a call, text, or email, I’d love to help.

Story time!

Picture this, it’s 85 degrees, today is the first day of the year you can finally enjoy your yard without burning under the Arizona sun. You take a step out of your home and you’re greeted with the ramifications of a summers worth of procrastination. There are dried hunks of dog waste covering your lawn. The rocks smell and you can’t take more than two steps without stepping in dog poop.

It’s a nice day, you want to enjoy it, so call CrapNappers and we’ll clean up the dog waste for you. One time cleanups? We’ve got it covered, but most clients opt for a weekly service. For the cost of a single meal out we’ll sneak into the backyard on a weekly basis to remove the dog waste.

Fast forward to the summer, it’s 109 degrees and even your dogs don’t spend more than 5 minutes outside. You’ll break a sweat just bending over for a single clean up. We work through all conditions to make sure that you’re prepared. Poop in Arizona doesn’t just go away, if you have a desert-scaped lawn those turds just sit there waiting for a monsoon to weigh them down creating a solid layer of dog waste that might not be noticeable, if it weren’t for the smell. Gross. Lets get started.

What to expect.

After filling out the online form, someone from CrapNappers will respond within 24 hours via email to schedule your first clean up, and give you the proposed waste maintenance for the rest of the month.

We don’t charge extra for the first poop scoop but because they tend to take a little extra time your first appointment will likely be different than that of your weekly, or monthly clean up.

For the first poop removal the time we give you is the time we’re there. We’ll send a reminder 30 minutes before this, and you’ll be able to meet your pooper scooper, introduce your dog, tell a joke, whatever you want really. The first clean up can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the circumstances. It will be up to you whether you want to stick around for it’s entirety.

We’ll send a text when we’re out of the yard and the gate is closed.

If you scheduled a one time removal this is where our story ends. We’ll send an invoice for the work through email, or get squared away on our way out.

If you’ve scheduled weekly, bi weekly or monthly waste removals we’ll send reminder texts 15 minutes before we arrive each week. We ask for a three hour window for our arrival but in most cases we arrive within the same hour for every appointment.

After we’re finished with each removal we send a quick text message letting you know the gate is closed and the yard is clean.

Our billing is in arrears, so on the first of every month we’ll send an invoice for the previous month’s services. For your first month we’ll prorate the total bill. So if we come 3/5 total service days that month we’ll only bill you for 60% of the typical bill. We ask for payment by the 7th of each month but hope that if something comes up you’ll let us know so we can work it out. We don’t have late payment fees, or early cancellation fees but do hope you’ll schedule appropriately.

If you are ever less than 100% satisfied with any part of the service call, text, or email Nolan at & (480) 331-9634 – I’ll come out within 48 hours to rectify the situation.