CrapNappers: A shitty story.

CrapNappers LLC specializes in dog poop removal for the East Valley. My name is Nolan Craft in 2016 I founded CrapNappers to eliminate a common problem with pet ownership, the poop.

I’ve lived with dogs my entire life, and now have two named Dumpster and Log. After moving to Arizona from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I realized that in the desert dog poop becomes noticeable much faster than I was used to. I began cleaning out my back yard twice a week to make sure the lawn was a safe place for me and my dogs. I’m not going to lie here, this isn’t when I found some hidden talent for cleaning poop. This was where I realized that some dog owners would really benefit from a professional pooper scooper.

We’re a small business, so you know the person who’s cleaning your yard. You’ll also be able to speak with me directly if something is out of the ordinary or below your standards. If you’re tired of dealing with dog poop, give us a call, text, or email, I’d love to help.